Meet our Training and Education Team

Safework Health’s training and education team has a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Here, we meet Kylie Kieseker and Sarah Cronin, two members of our national training team.

Kylie Kieseker – National Training Manager

With over 13 years of industry experience, as Safework Health’s National Training Manager, Kylie’s knowledge of the drug and alcohol testing industry is highly superior.

This knowledge is further exemplified through her training skills when designing, developing and facilitating various types of workplace drug and alcohol testing training courses – both accredited and non-accredited – that cover all industries across Australia and overseas.

Kylie specialises in Drug and Alcohol Management Programs. She regularly delivers training to entire workforces, with training delivered live online or in person.

In addition, Kylie is highly regarded for her frequent review and advice on clients’ drug and alcohol policies and procedures to ensure they are compliant with the current standards.

When Kylie isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her adorable dog Coby.

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Sarah Cronin – Trainer and Assessor

Sarah has proudly been with Safework Health for 3 years and is one of our dedicated Safework Health Trainer and Assessors.

Sarah delivers a range of drug and alcohol testing courses from our Accredited Course to General Awareness, Reasonable Suspicion and various other educational programs. She prefers delivering training in an actual classroom environment however, live online training has allowed Sarah to train students all over the county including isolated and regional locations.

Sarah is very passionate about her work and takes pride in ensuring that both she and her students achieve their goals and enjoy the training experience at the same time. Sarah embraces a challenge and continues to blossom within the company.

Sarah has two little ones at home that keep her on her toes during her ‘free time’.

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Discover our courses

Safework Health is a national provider of workplace drug and alcohol courses and education programs.

Courses can be delivered live online or in person at your workplace.

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