drug and alcohol testing

Mobile Drug Testing Clinics

Mobile Drug Testing Clinics

Safework Health’s mobile drug testing clinics provide a safe and hygienic solution for your workplace drug and alcohol testing needs.

Our specialised fleet features compact Ford Transits, ensuring accessibility even in tight spaces. Whether situated in urban centres or regional hubs, our discreet mobile clinics provide an ideal solution for locations lacking proper facilities or privacy.

Operating across Australia, including NSW, Queensland, and the Northern Territory, each clinic is staffed with one or two qualified Collectors, tailored to your requirements.

Key Features And Benefits

Our mobile drug and alcohol testing clinics have:

  • self-contained water and power systems, which allow our Collectors to work independently on your site without the need to plug into power
  • reverse cycle heating and cooling onboard for donor comfort
  • they are brightly lit throughout with LED lighting for the times we need to close the blinds to have complete privacy
  • an onboard refrigerator to ensure all samples are kept at the correct temperatures before despatch to our NATA accredited laboratories
  • a separate toilet and hand washing facilities for donor privacy
  • distress alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and reversing squeakers for worker safety.

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