Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;
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Pre-Employment Drug And Alcohol Testing

Safework Health is a leading provider of Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing services for workplaces across Australia.

We offer reliable and efficient drug testing solutions to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

By choosing Safework Health, businesses benefit from our experienced team, fast turnaround times, and flexible testing methods.

Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;
Man drunk at work;

Why Pre-Employment Testing Matters

Drug and alcohol testing before hiring is important to check if job applicants have used drugs or alcohol recently.

By implementing pre-screening measures, businesses can mitigate risks associated with substance abuse in the workplace, including accidents, missed workdays, and potential legal liabilities.

Implementing a comprehensive pre-employment drug test ensures that only candidates who comply with your company’s drug and alcohol (D&A) policies are considered for employment.

Man drunk at work;
A urine drug test is a quick and accurate way of testing for drugs in a person’s system.;

How We Perform Testing

Testing Performed Onsite or In Clinic

Our expert team can conduct instant drug tests for jobs at your workplace or in our clinics across Australia. We provide results within 24 hours of collection. Our testing services follow your company’s drug and alcohol policy and procedures, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Testing Methods

We offer a variety of testing methods to accommodate the unique needs of your business and workforce. While most employers prefer urine testing, we also offer: saliva, hair follicle, and alcohol breath testing.

Our goal is to offer flexibility and accuracy in our testing procedures, empowering businesses to make informed hiring decisions. This approach helps maintain a drug-free workplace and ensures employees meet your pre-employment drug test requirements.

A urine drug test is a quick and accurate way of testing for drugs in a person’s system.;

Drugs We Test For

A typical pre-employment drug test includes the Australian and New Zealand Standard drugs, including but not limited to:

  • Cannabis: Cannabis use can affect thinking and create risks, especially in jobs involving manual labour or heavy machinery.
  • Cocaine: Cocaine abuse can lead to missed workdays, aggression, and safety hazards in the workplace.
  • Opiates: The misuse of opiates like heroin can impact accident rates, productivity, and overall safety.
  • Amphetamines: Abuse of amphetamines can affect focus, and decision-making, and pose risks to employees and co-workers.

In addition to these standard drugs, we also offer screening for prescription, synthetic, and designer drugs. Our comprehensive drug testing in the workplace ensures that all potential employees meet your company’s safety and performance standards.

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