Pre-Employment Drug And Alcohol Testing

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is a workplace screening process that is conducted before an individual is hired for a job. Its primary purpose is to identify and assess whether job applicants have used drugs or alcohol recently.

Pre-employment drug testing can save your business time and money. By implementing pre-screening, you can reduce accidents, absenteeism, workplace incidents and potential legal liabilities.


How We Perform The Testing

Our team of qualified Collectors perform the sample collection and/or instant drug test onsite at your workplace or at our clinics across Australia.

Results are available within 24 hours of collection.

Since every business and workforce is unique, our drug and alcohol testing service is delivered following your company’s policies and procedures.

An appointment is required for all sites except Perth.

Safework Health provides urine drug testing in the workplace;

Testing Methods

We provide pre-employment drug testing using methods that comply with your workplace drug and alcohol policy. Most employers choose urine, however, we can test using the following methods:

Safework Health provides urine drug testing in the workplace;
Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;

Drugs We Test For

A typical pre-employment drug test includes the Australian and New Zealand Standard drugs, including (but not limited to):

  • Cannabis — Marijuana use can impact short-term memory, impair thinking, and hinder the completion of complex tasks. These risks can be compounded in jobs that require manual labour or the use of heavy equipment.
  • Cocaine — Creates potential absentee workers who are more likely to be aggressive when under the influence. Employees who abuse cocaine can be harder to work with and a hazard when operating heavy machinery.
  • Opiates — Opiates like heroin are extremely dangerous. The misuse of opiates can impact accident rates, theft, tardiness, absenteeism, and productivity at the workplace.
  • Amphetamines — Abuse can heavily impact focus, decision-making, vision, and mood. An employee on amphetamines becomes a risk to themselves and everyone around them.

We can also screen for prescription, synthetic and designer drugs.

Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;
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