Understanding Coal Board Medicals: What You Need to Know

Coal Board Medicals are necessary health assessments for individuals employed in the coal mining industry. These medicals ensure that workers are fit to perform their job duties safely and effectively.

During a Coal Board Medical, various tests are conducted, such as physical exam, lung function, hearing, and vision tests. These tests are designed to evaluate an individual’s overall health and determine their fitness for working in a coal mining environment.

Individuals need to understand the requirements and procedures involved in Coal Board Medicals to ensure they are properly prepared for the assessment. This may include providing relevant medical history information, bringing any necessary documentation, and following any pre-assessment instructions provided by the medical examiner.

What is a Coal Board Medical?

A Coal Board Medical is a comprehensive health assessment specifically designed for individuals working within the coal mining industry. It’s not just a routine check-up; rather, it’s a thorough evaluation to ensure that workers are fit to perform their duties safely and effectively.

Queensland Coal Board Medical Requirements

The Queensland Government tightly regulates the coal mining industry to uphold safety standards. As per these regulations, anyone working in coal mines or associated environments must undergo a Coal Board Medical. Appointed medical professionals who specialise in the health risks of coal mining conduct these assessments.

What Does the Coal Board Medical Include?

A Coal Board Medical covers various aspects of health and fitness, including:

  1. Physical Examination: This involves a general physical assessment to ensure overall health and fitness for work.
  2. Lung Function Tests: Given the risk of respiratory issues due to exposure to coal dust, lung function tests, including spirometry and chest X-rays, are typically conducted.
  3. Hearing Tests: Mining environments often include audiometry tests to address concerns about noise-induced hearing loss.
  4. Cardiovascular Assessment: Aspects such as blood pressure and heart health may also be evaluated.
  5. Drug and Alcohol Screening: Mining companies often have strict policies on substance use, including screenings for drugs and alcohol.

Can You Fail a Coal Board Medical?

Yes, it’s possible to fail a Coal Board Medical. If an individual’s health condition doesn’t meet the required standards set by the Queensland government and industry regulations, they may be deemed unfit for work until the issue is addressed.

How Long Does a Coal Board Medical Last?

A Coal Board Medical is usually valid for two to five years, depending on individual circumstances and company policies. After this period, individuals must undergo a new assessment to confirm their continued fitness for work.

Coal Board Medical Costs and Payment

The cost of a Coal Board Medical can vary depending on the provider and the specific assessments required. In Queensland, it’s common for mining companies to cover the cost of these assessments for their employees as part of their commitment to ensuring a safe working environment.

Where to Get a Coal Board Medical?

Coal Board Medicals are conducted by appointed medical advisers (AMA) and occupational health services.

Safework Health’s clinic is located in the Brisbane suburb of Murarrie, making it convenient for workers to book an appointment. To discover more, call us on 1300 795 227 or email info@swhealth.com.au.


In the coal mining industry, prioritising the health and safety of workers is non-negotiable. The Coal Board Medical plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals are fit to work in this challenging environment. By adhering to Queensland’s stringent regulations and undergoing regular assessments, miners can contribute to a safer and healthier workplace for all.

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