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Since 2012, Safework Health has delivered quality occupational health services aimed at keeping Australian workplaces safe and healthy.

We specialise in drug and alcohol testing, laboratory testing, pre-employment medicals, coal board medicals, drug and alcohol testing courses, drug and alcohol policy development, health monitoring, and drug test kits.

An industry leader, we provide fast results, employ over 200 people nationally, offer 24/7 support and are NATA accredited.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We provide 24/7 drug and alcohol testing for the workplace. We have over 100 experienced Collectors across Australia.
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Laboratory Testing

We operate a national network of NATA accredited laboratories. Drug test results are available in our secure web portal within 24 business hours of receipt into the laboratory.
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Occupational Health

We provide a range of pre-employment medicals, coal board medicals, and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing services to help businesses meet their ‘fit for work’ needs.
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Training And Education

We provide comprehensive drug and alcohol awareness training courses and education programs. Delivered live online or in-person at your workplace.
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Policy Development and Review

We develop, review and implement drug and alcohol policies to protect your business and employees from drug and alcohol-related incidents.
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Biological Health Surveillance

Our health monitoring for phenols and isocyanates service helps businesses to detect workers’ exposure to hazardous chemicals.
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Safework Health is committed to helping you maintain a safer, healthier and more productive workforce by providing flexible and tailored end-to-end solutions. Safework Health delivers the results you need quickly, accurately and consistently, ensuring compliance with your legislative obligations which allows you to focus on your business.


Trusted By Businesses Nationwide

Manager, Human Resources 

National Port Terminals 
“The service Safework Health provides is second to none and their performance is extremely professional. They always find solutions to any problems that we encounter, and they always provide a good turnaround for results.”

Mobilisation Coordinator

Mining and resources labour-hire company, WA 
“Safework Health’s pre-employment medical services are incredible and the client/patient experience is like nothing else. Whenever we have an urgent need/request for our pre-employment requirements, Safework Health is always ready to accommodate and adjust accordingly.”

Mark Beers – National WHS Manager

“We’ve been partnering with Safework Health for some time now and for good reasons; their care, commitment, communication, punctuality, and service delivery are second to none. Having trusted partners within the network is key to the success of every business and we found that in partnering with Safework Health.”

Australia Occupational Health Manager

Alcoa Australia
“We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Safework Health for many years. Turnaround for results is quick and any queries or requests for additional information have always been responded to in a professional manner without delay. We recommend Safework Health as a service provider.”

Regional HR Operations 

Mining WA
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the assistance and support that Safework Health has given, relating to a recent sample sent for testing. The team always take our calls, respond to our requests in incredible timeframes, and educate us in the field of drugs and alcohol.”

Scientific Director

Drug and Alcohol Solutions Australia 
“Safework Health’s toxicology laboratory provides excellent customer service and scientific support. They absolutely understand the pressures and demands of workplace drug testing and go the extra mile to support our clients. I highly recommend them, particularly the friendly staff at the Queensland laboratory.”

Health and Hygiene Superintendent 

“Safework Health continues to provide our business with an efficient and professional onsite drug and alcohol testing service. The confirmatory results turnaround from testing has never taken longer than 24 hours, and no third-party involvement is cost-efficient and limits disruption.”

Mobilisation Coordinator

Mining and engineering services provider, WA
“Safework Health has been our go-to pre-employment medical service for over a year and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Safework has always been incredibly accommodating, whether it be last-minute medical bookings or late cancellations, they have always made it work.”


“Occuhealth would like to thank Safework Health for its efficient and timely analysis of samples. Both Occuhealth and our clients appreciate the quick turnaround and the professionalism Safework Health provides as this has helped build our reputation within the Hygiene industry for over two decades.”

Business Manager

Engineering consultancy/software company, WA
“The whole team at Safework Health always goes above and beyond to ensure our medical needs are always met. Their friendly staff have made the process of booking a lab DAS & pre-employment medical very easy, always offering flexible booking times and fast turnaround times for results.”

Chief Executive Officer

Sports Drug Testing International
“We have been using Safework Health’s Queensland services since 2018 for its sport-specific illicit testing programs and have nothing but praise for the quality of service, efficient turnaround times and expert advice when it has been required. There is nothing they will not assist you with and will always find a solution if there isn’t one.”

Health and Safety Manager

“I have found Safework Health’s service to be professional, proactive and solution-oriented. Given the trust you have built, your judgements and associated decisions can be relied on. This, in my view, is true business partnering.”

4 in 10 people have used drugs

43% of people have used illicit drugs at some point in their life.

Alcohol is being consumed at risky levels

25% of people drank at a risky level on a single occasion, while about 17% exceeded the lifetime risk.

Cannabis and meth are frequently used

37% of people use cannabis and 17% use meth / amphetamines at least weekly.

People with jobs use more alcohol and cocaine

People who are employed are more likely to drink alcohol (both single occasion and lifetime risk) and use cocaine.

Did You Know?

The use and misuse of drugs and alcohol by the community constantly changes. This can be due to environmental factors such as the supply and demand of any given drug. Or it may be an individual suffering a personal tragedy and subsequent mental health concerns where drugs and alcohol are used to provide a ‘solution’. Safework Health has included key facts to assist your understanding.


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Our Australian-based client services team is available during business hours to assist you with your enquiries. We offer a 24/7 post incident call out service nationally.

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It is a workplace obligation under WH&S Act 2011 (OHS Act 2004 in Victoria) to take reasonable steps to ensure safety in a workplace.

Your company has a duty of care to anticipate and address any potential threats to health and safety at work. Misusing drugs and/or alcohol means individuals may endanger their health and safety and that of their colleagues.

In addition, drug and alcohol testing can enable you to identify problem workers early, increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and recruitment costs, and reduce worker’s compensation claims, saving you time and money.

Find out more about the benefits of drug testing in the workplace.

A drug and alcohol policy and procedure is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of your employees and business. It educates and sets expectations for employees and supports the company in complying with WHS/OHS legislation.

Discover how we can help you develop and implement a drug and alcohol policy and procedure for your workplace.

A company can test employees as described in the company’s drug and alcohol policy. Many companies utilise pre-employment, random, blanket, post-incident and reasonable cause drug and alcohol testing. All testing (except pre-employment) can be without notice, which means employees are unaware of when the testing will occur. Educating your workers about the type of testing allowed in your drug and alcohol policy is essential. Testing may occur any time, including after an incident or accident at work or randomly.

Our qualified and experienced team of Collectors perform the sample collections for drug and alcohol testing at your workplace. Our Collectors have been recruited to be professional yet sensitive to the needs of your staff and company.

Our team completes quality controls under AS/NZS 4308:2008 and AS/NZS 4760:2019, as well as standard integrity and temperature checks.

Drug screening samples that require further testing (non-negatives) after screening are packaged and couriered to one of our NATA-accredited laboratories across Australia.

Learn more about our drug and alcohol testing procedures.


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