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Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;
workplace drug and alcohol testing

Keeping Australian Businesses Safe and Healthy

Join the thousands of businesses benefiting from a safer workplace, enhanced productivity, and cost savings with Safework Health. 

With a trusted track record dating back to 2012, Safework Health is largest provider of workplace drug and alcohol testing in Australia. Accredited by NATA, we offer fast turnaround times, flexible testing options, and quality-assured service.

Drug and alcohol screening can be performed on-site at your workplace or at our clinics across Australia. We provide mobile drug testing at specific locations, utilising a fleet of purpose-built mobile clinics.

We operate a national network of laboratories for confirmatory drug testing. Our labs provide D&A test results within 24 hours of receipt, reducing downtime and providing peace of mind.

Our highly experienced team of scientists is always available to explain, discuss and interpret results. Our National Toxicologist, Dr Phil Tynan, is also available for additional support and reference when needed.

Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;
Safework Health's Brisbane site in Murrarie, Queensland;
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Nationwide Coverage

A truly national provider, we have over 100 qualified and experienced Collectors across Australia who can conduct instant drug and alcohol testing (instant DAS) on-site at your workplace.

We also provide screening at our clinics in:

Our client services team is available 24/7 for post-incident and/or reasonable cause testing.

Safework Health's Brisbane site in Murrarie, Queensland;
Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Drug and alcohol testing services include:

Keep your workplace safe from drugs and alcohol.;
Safework Health provides urine drug testing in the workplace;

Drugs We Test For

Under Australian/New Zealand Standards, AS/NZS 4308:2008 (urine) and AS/NZS 4760:2019 (oral fluid), we can test for various drugs, including:  

Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;

Laboratory Drug And Alcohol Screen

If the initial test indicates a non-negative result for a drug/alcohol test, we will arrange for the sample to be packaged and sent to our nearest drug testing laboratory for a confirmatory test (Lab DAS test).

We guarantee a quick 24-hour processing period for confirmatory results, starting from the time the sample arrives at our laboratory. These results will be accessible through our secure web portal by your authorised representative.

All of our laboratories are fully equipped to conduct the analysis using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS), which is the most advanced technology available for drug testing.

Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;
Safework Health provides saliva drug testing;

Drug And Alcohol Testing Kits

Safework Health provides a wide range of drug and alcohol testing devices and consumables to keep your workplace safe. These include urine drug test kits, oral fluid drug test kits, alcohol breathalyser and surface drug testing kits.

Safework Health provides saliva drug testing;


The service Safework Health provides is second to none and their performance is extremely professional. They always find solutions to any problems that we encounter, and they always provide a good turnaround for results.

Manager, Human Resources
National Port Terminals 

We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Safework Health for many years. Turnaround for results is quick and any queries or requests for additional information have always been responded to in a professional manner without delay.

Australia Occupational Health Manager
Alcoa Australia 


Why Conduct Drug Testing?

  • Safety – Drug and alcohol screening helps to identify employees who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and prevent them from putting themselves or others in danger.
  • Legal compliance – Employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees, and to comply with workplace health and safety legislation.
  • Productivity – Drug and alcohol use can have a significant impact on an employee’s productivity and work performance.
  • Reputation – Drug testing in the workplace can help businesses to maintain a positive image and reputation in the eyes of customers, clients, and stakeholders.

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