Safework Health provides urine drug testing in the workplace;

Urine Drug Testing

Safework Health has over 100 certified Drug and Alcohol Collectors who can conduct urine drug testing on-site at your workplace or at one of our clinics. 

A urine drug test, or a urine drug screen, is the most common method of workplace drug testing in Australia. It is a quick, accurate and cost-effective way of testing for drugs in a person’s system. 

Urine drug testing aids both employers and employees in preventing hazardous situations that could potentially lead to accidents and fatalities.

Safework Health provides urine drug testing in the workplace;

What drugs does a urine drug test detect?

Under Australian Standards, drugs tested for in an on-site or laboratory urine screen includes:



Onsite devices have been accredited to AS/NZS 4308:2008.

Better detection

Can more readily detect synthetic cannabinoids, bath salts, and ketamine.

Lower false positive rate

A lower false positive rate for onsite devices compared with oral fluid (saliva) devices.

Longer window of detection

Depending on the drug and the quantity taken, drugs taken days to weeks before the test can be detected.

Urine Drug Testing Advantages

The advantages of using urine in your drug and alcohol testing program include:

Requirement for a toilet

The requirement for a toilet near the private and confidential testing area. This can be inconvenient in some workplaces. 

Increased risk of adulteration

There is an increased risk of adulteration as the sample collection is supervised, not witnessed as it is in oral fluid.

Intrusive method

Some workers may find urine testing an intrusive methodology.

Urine Drug Testing Limitations

Here are the limitations of urine drug testing.

Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;

Our Urine Drug Testing Services

On-Site Screening Service 

Safework Health’s experienced team of Collectors can perform an instant urine drug test at your workplace 24/7, or at one of our drug and alcohol testing clinics across Australia.

Our Collectors have completed the nationally recognised HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing (or equivalent), so you can be confident in our compliance with Australian Standards, including chain of custody procedures.

Laboratory Screening Service 

If the screen identifies the use of any drug groups, the sample undergoes confirmatory analysis in one of our NATA accredited laboratories to provide details on the actual drug identified. For example, if opiates are identified on a screen, the sample undergoes further testing for morphine, codeine, and heroin.

The confirmatory analysis is the result on which a company can act on any disciplinary action as identified in its drug and alcohol policy and procedure.

Our laboratories follow the Australian and New Zealand Standards for urine (AS/NZS 4308:2008).

Under Australian Standards, medication (including herbal or traditional Chinese) can be declared by the worker at the time of the test. This information helps our scientists understand whether the drug detected is consistent with the declared medication.

Safework Health provides laboratory drug and alcohol testing.;
A urine drug test is a quick and accurate way of testing for drugs in a person’s system.;

New Urine Drug Testing Standard

In late 2023, a new urine drug testing standard, AS/NZS 4308:2023, was introduced.

This updated standard represents a notable departure from its predecessor, AS/NZS 4308:2008, and introduces key changes that can impact your workplace drug testing program. During the crossover period of three years, both standards will be in effect.

Explore the latest updates and their implications for your program.

A urine drug test is a quick and accurate way of testing for drugs in a person’s system.;
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