How to Get Ready for a Drug Test Procedure

While some employers conduct random and completely unannounced drug testing on their workers, there are some who schedule a company-wide drug test procedure, enabling employees to be aware of the upcoming drug test.

In this article, you will find basic information that outlines the documents to prepare and the steps to take to ensure drug testing goes as smoothly as possible.


Bring a government-issued ID

If you’re going to be tested outside your place of work, make sure you bring a government-issued ID with you. Your driver’s license, passport, or any other identification issued by the government with your picture and legal name on it will do. This is to prevent drug users from sending someone else for the drug test in the hopes of passing the test. Remember, sending someone in your stead for a drug test is not just unsafe, but illegal as well.

Know the drug testing method being used

It is important to know which drug testing method will be used so you can prepare for it in case it’s a method you’re not completely comfortable with. Since workplace drug testing is typically mandatory and you couldn’t just refuse a drug test without risking your employment, you could at least prepare yourself mentally if you know the method to be used in advance. Testing methods include, but are not limited to, hair, urine, saliva, and blood testing.

Understand the reason for the workplace drug test

The reasons for the workplace drug test vary from one employer to another. Some do it to make sure everyone adheres to an established workplace drug policy. Other get it done to detect impairment at work. There are also employers who conduct pre-employment drug screening to make sure they don’t hire a drug abuser. Other reasons include employer liability, return from leave, or simply a change in company policy.

Be cooperative

When you’re in the testing area, it is very important that you listen to the certified collector who is conducting your test. If you fail to cooperate during the collection or testing process, you could be tagged as someone who refuses to be tested, and that could get you in trouble.

Bring as few items as possible into the testing area

More often than not, you’ll be asked to empty your pockets and remove your outer clothing. To avoid this inconvenience, it would be best to bring as few items as possible into the specimen collecting area. Nonetheless, if you have extra items with you on the day of the test, they will be secured by personnel of the testing site, and will be returned when the specimen collecting process is already done.

Drug testing is now a common practice in many workplaces that have made drug policy development a priority, and rightly so. For all the issues that its opponents have thrown against it, workplace drug testing remains the best way of determining impairment among its workers, and it has proven to be instrumental in the prevention of countless workplace accidents. With workplace drug testing, employers have been able to make their workplaces healthier and safer for everyone.

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