Meet Mal Beacham, our Founder and Managing Director

Meet Mal Beacham, Founder and Managing Director of Safework Health.

Mal was born and raised in a little place called Carbunup River in the south-west corner of WA. As the son of a wharfie and farmer there was great consternation when he decided to stay at school and complete year 12 and even greater concern when he announced he wanted to go to university. After completing his undergraduate degree, he worked in a variety of roles for pathology companies including a 6-year run as the NSW manager for Healthscope Pathology.

In early 2012 Mal, with the help and support of his wife Belinda Carlisle, set up Safework Health. The rationale was relatively simple, in that we believed that we could provide a more seamless and easier experience for our customers by being a laboratory that focussed exclusively on workplace drug and alcohol testing.

As the co-founder and Managing Director, Mal and Belinda commenced at a single location at Welshpool in WA with six staff. Since then, the company has grown to seven locations across Australia and more than 200 staff. Safework Health now works with some of Australia’s largest and most respected organisations and is an industry leader in the provision of occupational health services.

When time permits, Mal enjoys chasing a little white ball around and intermittently hitting a shot in the intended direction of the hole as well as spending as much time as he can with his two boys and Belinda.

Connect with Mal on LinkedIn.

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